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  • Our journey to use NO PLASTIC!

    03 Mar
    It is something I was determined was a must in order to create a truly Ethical brand! You would have thought it would be easy!
    Decide you don’t want to use any plastic in your products and hey presto it can happen with ease.
    We discovered it took 9 months to get there!
    Our packaging and toys are made from recyclable and recycled card – that was relatively straightforward. We also made sure we used non plastic stickers so decided on recycled and recyclable stickers to seal our boxes. To wrap our mini chocolate bars – everyone told us it had to be in plastic – we disagreed. They told us compostable film would not be able to be flow wrapped (a way to seal food in a wrapper for maximum freshness) 
     So we researched and researched and finally found one or two companies that make compostable film that can be flow wrapped.
    The problem was the temperature of the machinery would melt the delicate material or the material was too thick to go into it or our chocolate would be melted by the flow wrap machine!

    Many more months of testing and research until we finally realised we would have to buy our own flow wrap machine and have it specifically calibrated to take compostable film made out of wood pulp and cellulose.
    But first we had to check it could be Soil Association approved because our chocolate is Organic!
    They had to be sure there was no risk of GMO contamination from genetically modified corn crops – and the company supplying the film confirmed there wasn’t – just wood pulp and plant based cellulose.
    The film looks and feels like plastic and has the characteristics of air and water protection but will dissolve in the ground over 3 months with no harmful effects to the environment.
    Here is a video showing how it happens:

    We hope you agree it was worth it!

    The film costs several times more than plastic but if everyone used it then it wouldn’t be!

    Out and about with PLAYin CHOC

    07 Dec

    This last weekend we took PLAYin CHOC on the road to meet our customers face to face. We set up shop in a Steiner school fair in Kings Langley on Saturday and then on Sunday and Monday Babyccino’s SHOPUP in London.
    We were delighted by the response. Children loved the chocolate – even those who don’t usually like chocolate – and they loved building their toy, learning about it and then using the bits the toy pops out of as a stencil to draw with afterwards.




    Parents were busy buying lots of stocking filler and party favours or just treating their kids with a special little treat.
    It was great to answer so many questions and explain to parents what PLAYin CHOC is and stands for – health, joy, planet.
    The words “made from 100% recycled cardboard” and “individually wrapped in home compostable film” were uttered so many times they became something of a tongue twister!



    People were so positive and simply just “got” PLAYin CHOC – which filled us with a great sense of joy – to know that so much time spent thinking, planning and in development has resulted in something people actually want and value.
    A huge thank you to all our customers!
    Maya x

    Series 1

    04 Oct



    Playin Choc was born from my love of chocolate and need to create a great tasting dairy free recipe that my kids would also love. My youngest son Max is a great animal lover and very curious about all creatures in the natural world. This inspired me to create a series of educational toys based around endangered animals. Each toy is made from 100% recycled card board, printed with vegetable inks and is easily self assembled by kids aged 3 and over. What better way to learn about the natural world than through play and chocolate!?



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